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Business Unit 1 Profile

Dongchang Motor (Shenzhen) LTD, founded in 1996, is located in Hong Tian Jin Yuan Industrial Park, Shajing Town, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, covering an area of 40,000 square meters. As a large-scale manufacturing enterprise invested by World Success International Development LTD, Dongchang Motor units motor technology R&D, production and sales together as one of Hong Kong companies. In 2012, Dongchang Motor was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise by the Ministry of Science and Technology,holding nearly 30 patents for motor and related technologies. And we have passed ISO9001/ISO14001/CCC/TS16949 Quality System Certification.

Seek backing by integrity and create quality by profession. Dongchang Motor always pursues a quality policy: Customer satisfaction is our responsibility and continuous improvement is our pursuit. Complete product development, improve manufacturing process and enhance product quality and service continuously. In order to enhance the quality and competition of products, Business Unit 1 was founded in June 2013. Business Unit 1 specializes in traditional and universal motor widely used in office automation equipment, juice extractor, blender and fitness equipment, etc. Quality first, customer focus and squeeze in profits.

So far Business Unit 1 has a total of 300 employees, among which 260 are DL and 40 are IDL. The annual sales are up to 1 million in RMB. At present, we serve more than 40 well-known customers such as SEB, HB, Philips, Fellowes, EASEPAL, Comix, deli, Main Power, BBM and so on. We mainly have two types of motor: U motor (46/54/63/70/76/88/95-Series) and DC motor (29/34/40/44/53-Series). For each series, different voltages and models can be chosen according to customer demands.

54-Series: Model 5410/5420/5425/5430/5435/5440/5445

70-Series: Model 7020/7025/7030/7035/7040/7045

46-Series: Model 4625/4630/4635/4640

76-Series: Model 7625/7630/7635/7640

88-Series: Model 8820/8825/8830/8835

95-Series: Model 9530/9535/9540/9545

29-Series: Model 2920/2925/2930/2935

34-Series: Model 3417/3420/3425/3430/3435/3440/3445/3450

40-Series: Model 4025/4030/4035/4040

44-Series: Model 4425/4430/4435/4440/4445/4450/4455/4460/4470

53-Series: Model 5330/5335/5340/5345/5350/5355

Dimensions and parameters can be designed to customer’s reasonable requests.

Business Unit 1 focuses on customer and communication to improve productivity, process and technology innovation continuously. Our team is your best reliable partner. Our service is what you want. Our motor is what you pursue.

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